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Upcoming Bunnytrack map for Unreal Tournament 4

Pictures and latest news to be found here!

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Bits and Scraps of Linux & Cisco.
How to setup your own Streaming/Fileserver using an old PC and CentOS Linux.

Running services: Plex Media Server, Samba,
IRC Bouncer, SFTP, SSH and Amanda Backup .

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Misc UE4 Stuff

A bit of everything UE4 Related
Also covers: Modeling in 3D Studio Max,
Texturing with DDo2 and NDo2,
Sculpting in Z-brush, Basics of Photoshop

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Pictures: CTF-77

I started the project CTF-77 all over. This is the result of 2 days mapping. Pretty satisfied with the result. The map is released into the wild for Alpha testing with the UT builds.

After 2 weeks i’ll implement as much feedback from players as possible. For now, don’t judge the looks too much. It is very temporary as the map is still in blockout phase!