BT- AncientLost

This is somekind of diary for the map i’m building: BT-AncientLost
From BSP to fully finished product.

Update: 13/02/2015

There is a bug atm that limits downloading from redirect to 60seconds download time.
Maps have to be toroughly compressed and packed. I decided to draw the line here.
Start meshing up rooms and finishing stuff before I add new stuff.

In this stage i’ll be mostly adding details Re-packing the map over and over,
Tweaking assets and shrinking the filesize down from 326Mb to about 75Mb.

ss-aclost2 ss-aclost4 ss-aclost3 ss-aclost1

Update: 15/01/2015

Introduced some extra rooms.
Lava room was made using Hourences Rock Generation method and a couple of textures from
This method allows fast modeling for an entire modular set of rocks.
The towerlike structures are still BSP, and so is the square room on photo 1.

BT-UT4-3 al-4 BT-Jewtitties3

Update: 13/12/2014

Blocking out in BSP and adding the first movers.

al-6 al-3 AL-1 al-5

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