Burning a CentOS 6.6 Installation disc

First part will be about creating a installation disk and installing CentOS on the machine.                                                                                                                                       

Download a copy of the OS you want from their website. I’m using CentOS 6.6,
So i got it from their site at www.centos.org , Look at the bottom for this:

Choose your right architecture 32bit / 64 bit.
And save the file locally. The file will be an .ISO file

For my machine i am using the CentOS-6.6-x86_64-bin-DVD1.iso file.
Next step is burning the Installation disk. You will need a blank DVD and dvd writer.
For this step i used a program called Active @ Iso-Burner. Get it here.
It’s freeware and easy to use.

Once downloaded, Launch the program, and point it towards the iso file.
Then select a target (dvd burner). I recommend lowering the Speed of writing.

Then just hit BURN.

When the program is done your centOS installation disk will eject.
You then can insert your disk into the host machine and start the installation


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