Picture Update: BT-AncientLost

So I heard filesize will be limited to 75 Mb / map.
That means i’ll draw the line here. No more extra rooms.

I’m in the process of adding meshes to the level now. These will cover up the BSP geometry.
Pictures Below!
When the meshing is completely done, i’ll go in and tweak & strip and repack the map untill
I reach the wanted filesize. When I get that done, i’ll slap it on my server as it is.

From there I will continue to work on lightning, postprocessing and eventually sound!
After that it’s polish.

Current state of the map:

AncientLost - Meshytest 1  AncientLost - Meshytest 2

AncientLost - Meshytest 3  AncientLost - Meshytest 5


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