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Upcoming Bunnytrack map for Unreal Tournament 4

Pictures and latest news to be found here!

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Bits and Scraps of Linux & Cisco.
How to setup your own Streaming/Fileserver using an old PC and CentOS Linux.

Running services: Plex Media Server, Samba,
IRC Bouncer, SFTP, SSH and Amanda Backup .

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Misc UE4 Stuff

A bit of everything UE4 Related
Also covers: Modeling in 3D Studio Max,
Texturing with DDo2 and NDo2,
Sculpting in Z-brush, Basics of Photoshop

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Fast Mapping: DM-(2v2)-Moortgat

Decided to make a quick DM map from a layout i sketched earlier that day.
I have also decided i’ll try to follow the normal workflow for this one. (but i’m not planning to go all-in crazy on it)
The theme will be “Beer Brewery” and yes i will make some custom assets for it.

So I started blocking out: basic shape, paths, walkways, doorways..
I did a few tests on the scale and this is quite large without feeling too large. i think it’s spot on
Tried to break up the lines of sight as much as i could. Tough i left 1 longer corridor for hitscan fun.
So here is the first version of DM-Moortgat. (pictures + vid below)

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Install & Configure Samba on your linuxbox

This tutorial will guide you trough setting up Samba on your CentOS 6.6 machine.                                                                                                     
Before you start this you should be comfortable with navigating the linux filesystem, Text editing with vi, and a little bit of permission knowledge might come in handy.

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Burning a CentOS 6.6 Installation disc

First part will be about creating a installation disk and installing CentOS on the machine.                                                                                                                                       

Download a copy of the OS you want from their website. I’m using CentOS 6.6,
So i got it from their site at , Look at the bottom for this:

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Setting up & Configuring SSH on CentOS 6.5

Tutorial: Setting up SSH on your LinuxBox                                                                                       

This tutorial will show you how to setup your LinuxBox so it accepts SSH connections. This will allow you to maintain / access your server from another client. Inside or Outside your Local Area Network. You can have your servers terminal in front of you as you were sitting at your own linuxBox.

I advise you to start off with …

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3D Model – Banana Plant

Made this plant in 3Ds Max today,

Textures from photo’s using Photoshop CS5

NormalMaps created with NDO2

Just a test in Assets . ¥

Pictures: BT-AncientLost

The shit hits the fan.

Unreal Tournament 4 BunnyTrack – AncientLost

Which is basically a prototype for the level, nothing fancy, just obstacle testing.

As for now I really don’t care about looks, lights and effects. The scarse meshes that are in the level are all experiments from myself. Placeholder one would say. The lavapit with the rocks was made using a hourences rock generation method in 3ds max. The rocks are modular 512×512 square pieces in different forms and variations.They all share the same Texture and Normalmap. Later I will add firey detail with vertex painting.

More coming soon.